WOW! I’ve done stuff like this before in Australia, but you take it to another level. I wasn’t sure how much work I’d get, but after reading your documents and joining up at your partner site, I’m actually turning down surveys and focus groups. Seriously Chris – well done, and thanks for the after-sales support. It’s great to know someone actually reads your emails and responds QUICKLY. Thanks again – awesome.

Beverley C.

I have to admit that I was somewhat cautious, but your booklet is really good. The companies on there are already paying me for my opinion and the partner site that you recommend gave me lots more work! I’m happy I got all this half price as well, especially as I made that back on the second day!” 

James S.

When I first saw the info on your site, I must say I was a bit hesitant to go ahead and register. So many times we see websites or get information via email with offers about making money. They always seem too good to be true. I just wanted to let you guys know that I don’t regret making the small investment that has allowed so many other doors to open for me. Before I signed up I felt like my life was so routine – but now it’s filled with so many interesting, fun and financially rewarding things to do. I mean, who would have thought you could get paid to give your opinion. WOW!! I do have one regret… that I didn’t find you earlier.”

Marsha M.

Within 24 hours of joining several research groups in the database, I did 2 surveys. I got paid for both, and was amazed at how quickly surveys were sent.”

Jennifer H .