About Online Surveys Australia

A “Focus Group” is a group of individuals selected and assembled by researchers to discuss and comment on, from personal experience, the topic that is the subject of the research. Just like surveys, you simply share your opinions and discuss them with others.

Focus groups are often held online via special communication or chat systems, but they also take place in the “real” world as well. Many are conducted within a few kilometres of your home. If you are interested in participating in these types of focus groups, we show you how – and you can often earn over $80 per hour for doing so!

This website was set up by Chris, who now works full time from home. You’ll be able to learn from his experience – after all, he’s done SO well at it and is literally turning down work, genuinely working for himself whenever he wants. When you join through this website, you will be entitled to his unlimited help and support.

Another member of our group helps us update this website. Of course he gets paid for his time, but he used to work full time as a web designer. It was the classic 9-5 rat race, but since we’ve introduced him to working from home, he quit his job (much to the annoyance of his employers!) and now works a few hours a week with us and probably a couple of hours a day either doing online surveys or getting paid for his opinion at focus groups. He’s also a lot better off now than when he was working full time!

Finally there’s Chris’s wife, Anna, who helps with the tax side of life and she too participates in focus groups and online surveys. This goes to show that you can have as many people from one household to register for this work. Both you and your partner or family can succeed at this. It’s so easy and it sometimes pays well!

Have a look how it works now! Alternatively, sign up now and start earning an extra income!